Main Fields of Activity

Civil Law
Persons and Family Law, Inheritance Law, Property Law, legal transactions and contract right, contractual and legal contractual obligations, Acquisition Law.

Real Estate and Property Law
Contracts for purchase, exchange, rent, leasing, donations as well as entry in to the land register and other services.

Member of the Register of Legal Trustee
The settlement of entrusted monies can be problemlessly controlled by the Salzburg Solicitor's office. A trust review of the Salzburg Solicitor's office can be carried out at any time on a voluntary basis.

Compensation and Guarantee Law
Enforcement of your legal rights from a traffic accident to legal proceedings during a construction work.

Corporate Law
Foundation and restructurisation of corporations and partnerships .

Debt recovery
Collection of debts from reminders to debt collection at court including personal intervention.

Insolvency Law
Representation of creditors or debtors in insolvency and composition proceedings.

as well as

Defending Counsel
Defence in court in criminal proceedings before a judge, in chambers, in jury trials; Austria-wide at all levels of decision.

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